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Welcome to the Red Sage Health blog! Our goal is to educate and entertain our readers in the fascinating realm of Chinese medicine and herbs. Check here for digestible pieces of information that can deepen your understanding of acupuncture, nutrition, self-care, and the theoretical frameworks for what we do at the clinic and herb shop.

For instance, how are the acupuncture meridians created, and how were they discovered?  Many theories exist as to the discovery and implementation of the meridians. Some people envision a trial and error paradigmn.  This makes me think of a Neanderthal bonking around in a cave, hitting himself in one spot only to find inexplicable relief after hitting another spot. As usual, some ascribe the gift to extraterrestrial contact. Others imagine shamanistic journeys and meditation as the source of the insight. I think that the meridian system is so old, so universal, and so tested that I feel comfortable viewing its origin as shrouded in the mists of time, and something humans evolved with, like herbal medicine. In other words, the meridian system is like so many other things: a gift of Nature.


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